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Camellia Tea

The CAMELLIA TEA concept is a modern, elegant concept with an emphasis on the presentation of teas in gastronomy.

Varied range of flavours

The carefully selected composition of flavours corresponds to the current tea trends in the markets of Central and Western Europe. Our varied offer includes classic black and green teas, harmonious herbal blends and refreshing fruit specialities.

Premium quality

The individual blends are made from the highest quality ingredients to achieve a balanced combination of flavour and aroma. Camellia Tea brings you an unforgettable experience and a sense of satisfaction in every sip.

Sales support

Our range includes a wealth of marketing support, from attractive box displays, to a playful flavour menu card, to a quality glass tea set that enhances the tea drinking experience.

Camellia Tea

The tea range is exclusively for hotels, restaurants, cafes and other gastronomic establishments. It combines elements of modern design, unconventional yet elegant tea presentation and, above all, premium quality tea blends. By using interesting, unusual materials, it evokes the feeling of lightness and purity that are synonymous with the consumption of tea itself.

The best ingredients

We are proud of the quality of our teas, which we supply to a wide range of customers not only in Central Europe. When selecting blends, we use the extensive experience of our partners and the world’s best ingredient suppliers. The result is always a delicious cup of tea with a unique colour, pleasant aroma and perfect taste that every consumer will appreciate.


Every cup of our tea is the result of our own innovation and attention to detail. We develop and manufacture everything with love in České Budějovice, our home town, where tradition and modernity dance together in perfect harmony. We are proud holders of the IFS certification, which confirms our commitment to high standards of quality and safety.

With its unconventional concept and premium quality, Camellia Tea is the right choice for you.

We are ready to provide you with all the care and support in selling Camellia Tea.